Why is HYDERABAD the nest real estate investment opportunity?

The hottest topic for discussion anywhere whether in a drawing room, a seminar, or simply a place where a few people meet and chat- is the Corona pandemic. Tales of tragedy and disasters are told and retold. The decline in the pandemic has brought new hope of a better future amongst the residents. Everyone now dreams of having ‘roof over their head’ a home of their own specially to combat future calamities.

Hyderabad- the city of the Nizams, the city of pearls the seat of culture- is a flourishing property market.  What is the reason for this? Especially where most places are in doldrums? The Government of the state has implemented a variety of laws to improve the ease of conducting business. The ‘Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System’ (TS-iPASS) Act is a step towards this direction, to create a business-friendly environment that will uplift Hyderabad’s status as an investment destination. Promoting industry and economy is only possible when all other infrastructure is in place like cyber space, security, health and education systems, civic infrastructure and the most important requirement- housing. Today Hyderabad is amongst the top cities having all required infrastructure.  New Industry hubs are being earmarked to reduce congestion and provide better business and industry opportunities.

With the business boom comes the real estate boom. Real estate is one of the most significant investments which consumes years of savings and the pandemic has made people realize that a home of their own is the most important factor of life.

Hyderabad real estate market will benefit from TS-iPASS, as the government of Telangana is sincerely working to implement a single-window approval system for the realty sector.

Real estate is one of the most significant investments which consumes years of savings. Investing in the real estate market is an extended life’s decision. The NSL Infratech group has constructed housing developments in Hyderabad to benefit the new business and industry boom. With housing infrastructure in place can business be far behind?

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