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Guide for Gated Community Living: Why Sewage Treatment Plant is Essential Amenity in Gated Community Apartments?

An efficient and modern Sewage treatment plant had to the most essential yet underrated amenity in a gated community residential project.

Essential, because it forms the crux of sustainable water management for the community and underrated because it usually doesn’t make it to highlights in the list of amenities offered which it must.

An efficient and sophisticated sewage treatment plant like the one we have installed at our NSL East County plays a crucial role in the long-term water conservation and management when water becomes an essential commodity.

 If you are a prospective buyer looking for 2 BHK apartments for sale in Hyderabad, you must ensure that water management and conservation system on par with prescribed standards. But to know the essentials, you must have a fair idea about the Sewage water treatment which is the crucial part of the water infrastructure of any property.

Don’t worry, in this blog here we help you understand the basics of the water treatment process and its importance for sustainable living in gated community:

Sewage Water Treatment in Gated Community:

Sewage water treatment is the process of removing the harmful organic and inorganic contaminants from the household wastewater i.e. water released from kitchens, bathrooms, common areas.

Instead of discharging this wastewater directly into the environment which can result in contamination of land and air, it is sent into a sewage treatment plant that completely removes the contaminants using a physical, biological and chemical process to make it fit for re-use.

A sewage water treatment plant comprehensively treats the wastewater in four stages:

Preliminary Stage: Ever wondered where all the solid waste materials in the sewage water like shampoo wrappers, rags, plastic bottles and materials and other coarse objects end up? Dot worry all the outliers in the sewage water are safely filtered in this preliminary stage and are sent away to the GHMC landfills.

Primary Stage:  Also called as sedimentation this stage further separates the solid waste from the liquid water of the sewage water. As all the organic and inorganic solids that dodged the preliminary stage settle down, the liquid waste is skimmed to the next stage with skimmers.

Secondary Stage:  As the water is sent to aeration tanks where the aerators mix the oxygen with the water to help microorganisms breakdown the bio-degradable materials present in the water. This stage focuses on the removal of suspended biological matter and other organic materials.

Tertiary Stage: While all the biological materials, both solid and liquid are completely removed in the first above stages, the tertiary stage removes all the inorganic materials and pathogens using chemical and UV light treatments. The water released now can be used for all the non-potable uses like flushing, irrigation, washing cars, gardening or even construction, and removed sludge can be utilized as fertilizer for plants.

As the sewage water is perfectly processed to make it fit for non-potable usage, thousands of litres of water every day is saved taking the burden off the water boreholes. The life period of water resources can be extended significantly leading to a comfortable, safe and sustainable living in the longer run. And this is why Sewage Treatment Plant is the core of water infrastructure of any gated community project and a prospective buyer must pay close attention to this amenity.

To pave way for sustainable living and maintain an ecological balance, NSL East County now houses one of the most advanced Gated Community Sewage Water Treatment Plants in Hyderabad. Along with our Rain Water Harvesting System & In-house Water Treatment Plant, our Sewage Water Treatment forms a sophisticated water infrastructure to meet the needs of our residents forever. So is you are looking for luxury 2BHK flats in Uppal with world-class facilities, amenities and water infrastructure, our NSL East County is a perfect choice. More details about our gated community in Uppal here:

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