Newly Constructed Apartments in Hyderabad

4 Reasons Why Newly Constructed Apartments in Hyderabad Are Best Investment Options

With predictable cash flow, better financial returns, and less volatility, investing in newly Constructed apartments in Hyderabad is consider as the best investment option right now. Being a tangible asset, a real estate property gives you more control over your investment, better security over market fluctuations, and unique tax deductions which further sweeten its deal as a long-term investment. 

Best Time to Buy Newly Constructed Apartments in Hyderabad: Now

Rising population, higher demand for affordable housing, an ever-increasing number of nuclear families year-on-year makes buying a home in Hyderabad a stable, secure, and profitable investment choice. And with affordability at its peak today and home loan interest rate lower than ever, this could be the best time to buy a house in Hyderabad be it for residential or investment purposes.

But what should be the choice of your investment has always been the question.

Should one opt for the newly constructed property in Hyderabad or the tried and tested resale flat from the house owner? If you are caught up on the conundrum like most of the first time investors, then we are here to help you.

After carefully assessing the current demand for housing properties, development forecasts in Hyderabad, and evaluating the current scenario, our real estate experts have concluded that newly constructed properties are better for both long term and short term gains. Here are a few reasons why:

New constructed properties in Hyderabad offer the best facilities and amenities on a platter:

With Hyderabad undergoing a form of revolution in terms of landscaping and home space design, newly constructed properties especially gated community residential properties in Hyderabad are offering the best facilities and amenities possible today.

Today’s developers come up with the most perfect plans to deliver more value to the users in terms of facilities, amenities, and home space design to make them as future-ready as possible. For example, our luxury 2BHK/3BHKs at NSL East County offers 26+ world-class amenities that include future-ready facilities with state of art clubhouse & electric charging points. When you are buying a resale home you may miss most of these features which further may impact their financial prospects in the future too.

New constructed properties can be more affordable than resale ones:

This can come out as a surprise especially when the resale homes are synonymous with affordability but it happens to be true. According to our experts, a luxury 2 BHK flats for sale in Hyderabad, Uppal is far more affordable than resale flats in an established location. Even if the resale flats turn out to be on par or costs less, there are many charges like transfer fee, registration fee, utility charges, and stamp duty that are levied on the house buyer which further increases the total amount.

Easier to procure financing and simple to rent-out: 

The whole process of procuring the right financing for a resale flat can be tedious and long with background checks, document verification, closure of seller’s home loan, and subsequent registration. But when it comes to a new home, the process is simple and the developer takes care of the whole buying process making it easy for the buyer. On top of that, newly constructed homes with better facilities and amenities are easy to rent out and can fetch far better rents when compared to resale ones.

Newly constructed properties in Hyderabad deliver more value than resale ones: 

When you are buying a newly launched property in a promising location, you are about to benefit from all this value creation whether you are buying a home for residential or investment purposes.

Take NSL East County for example. The luxury 2BHK/3BHK at our residential gated community in Uppal offers the best facilities and amenities in a green, serene ambience, a dream for home buyers in Hyderabad. With Shri KTR’s announcement of 5 new IT parks, an extension of MMTS to Rayagiri, and construction of flyovers to further strength the roadways, Uppal is going to be the bedrock of development in Eastern Hyderabad.

A new home offers better facilities and amenities, comes with better home design, can be more affordable, fetches you more financial returns. So when you opt a 2BHK/3BHK in Uppal your investment can deliver you the best returns possible in Hyderabad. And if Uppal is your location of choice to buy a new home, NSL East County is the best gated residential community in Hyderabad that amplifies all your financial returns while offering the best possible living experience in Hyderabad. For more information, you can contact:

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