Why Hyderabad is the Most Preferred Residential City in India

4 Reasons Why Hyderabad is the Most Preferred Residential City in India Today

In January 2020, the global real estate investment firm, JLL has released the list of most dynamic cities in the world and confirmed Hyderabad is the Best Residential City in India.

Surpassing the likes of world-famous cities/places like Dubai, Silicon Valley, Mumbai, Austin, Delhi and Bengaluru, Hyderabad topped the survey where rapid long term growth, a strong economy and momentum are taken as parameters.

Hyderabad – The Best Residential City in India Right Now?

Take any point of time in Indian History, Hyderabad has always been one of the most important cities in India. Be it the Infrastructure, trade, revenue IT, real estate, Hyderabad was always right in the big league, just below the Mumbai, Bengaluru or sometimes Chennai.

By playing the catch-up with the big-3 for years now, Hyderabad today has carved a niche for itself as the best city in one category, the category that mattered the most.

Today, Hyderabad is ‘Best Residential City in India’ ahead of Mumbai, Bengaluru or Chennai or any other city in India.

Want to know the reason why? Not one we are gonna give you four.

Here are 4 reasons why Hyderabad is the best residential city in India today:

The Flourishing IT:

Hyderabad is one of the earliest cities in India where IT has flourished and there is no looking back now. Already a hub of some of the biggest IT giants in the world, Hyderabad has become the fertile ground of IT investments owing to the investor-friendly policies and government initiatives. Along with Bengaluru, Hyderabad is now a major IT-hub in India further making it the most attractive option for IT professionals.

With stable and ever-growing IT environment that is rife with opportunities, Hyderabad has already become a green pasture every IT professional who aims to have a settled life.

Yes, the ‘Big IT flourish’ is great but that is not all, the next reason is what makes it unique.

Better Quality of Living with Best Infrastructure in India :

There is no other one factor that strongly indicates the attractiveness and living standard in the city than ‘Quality of living’.

And with best-in-class public infrastructure, health, education and transportation that are on-par with best cities in India, Hyderabad is right-up their Mumbai and Bengaluru.

According to a comprehensive survey by Mercer which ranked 145 countries around the world In terms of ‘Quality of Living’ standards, Hyderabad categorically triumphs over Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and every other city in India.

Outstanding Growth Potential in India:

Raring IT industry, extraordinary employment opportunities & the best quality of living in India, Hyderabad is a great catch. But what elevates Hyderabad from just ‘great’ to the ‘best residential city in India’ is its outstanding potential for growth.

Unlike other metro cities which have already reached their saturation stage, Hyderabad is in its youth with so much growth potential in-store. And with encouraging IT initiatives encouraging government policies of TS government, there is no stopping this growth. Take GRID (Growth in Dispersion Policy), for example. The TS government’s initiative is meticulously pushing the IT development to all parts of Hyderabad and this further sweetens the deal.

So can you benefit from the growth potential and enjoy the returns? Absolutely. That is what brings us to the next reason.

Versatile, Affordable Housing Options: 

Bungalows, Apartments and Flats, Villas Studio Flats, Villas, Farmhouses, Eco-friendly homes, Affordable housing options, Hyderabad is rife with every type of housing option you wish for at the most affordable price.

Say you are looking for 2 bhk apartments for sale in hyderabad at a prime location with great growth potential, for example. Uppal happens to fit the bill today and the price for a luxurious 2 or 3 BHK in a gated community of Uppal is gonna cost you way less than the exact option in any of the metros in India. And the same goes for every other housing option too. Now add this the soaring real estate, attractive employment and growth opportunities, the best quality of living standard in India; you can leverage all this at the most affordable price point available in India, only at Hyderabad.

No wonder International management consulting firm, Mercer has ranked Hyderabad as the ‘Best City to Live in India’, not once and not twice but five times, in a row. And if you are looking to settle down, there is no other city that is as good as Hyderabad, period.

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