Important Factors Before Buying an Apartment in Hyderabad

4 Important Factors You Should Consider Before Buying an Apartment in Hyderabad

Buying our first house is undoubtedly the biggest and most important investment we make in our life. Naturally, there is so much that goes into our mind that it is easy to get tripped over so many available options in the market: we all want the best bang for the buck, don’t we?

So how to buy your dream house with quality amenities and features while also making sure that your investment is a solid one that gives you great returns over time? Simple, take note of these 4 most important factors you must consider before buying an apartment:

Ease of Access to Social Infrastructure: 

As you got your budget zeroed-on, it is a fairly easy process to shortlist the locations you must target. Make your choice based on the ease of access to hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities like malls, parks, and places of worship in the order of your preference. While proximity to schools, colleges make it easy for your kids, keep in mind that the residential apartments in such an area can be rented out very quickly in the future.

Being a gated community with all the social infrastructure available at a walking distance from your apartment in our NSL East County, you will be in a cradle of comfort 24/7.

Commute to Work:

On average, an Indian spends 2 hours commuting to the office which manifests in long traffic jams of Hyderabad. As you are settling down, making sure that your residential location is not far away from your work location can make your life comfortable while saving your time and money. However, sometimes it may not possible to scour the right apartment in the middle of the city or you might be looking for a peaceful ambiance slightly far off. Well, in that case, do make sure that the nearest metro station is not far off from your chosen location.

Located in Uppal, one of the Hyderabad’s fastest developing locales, Our NSL East County is only walkable distance away from the nearest Metro Station making your commute to work, a breeze.


It takes a village to raise a child they say, in Metros, your neighbourhood is practically your village. So in addition to ensuring that your location is well endowed with facilities, take special care in picking the right neighbourhood and check if there are any red flag, if you are eyeing on an independent property far away. This is also one reason why the majority of the people check out apartments in a gated community as it offers the best living in terms of social community and neighbourhood. A gated community is mostly a close-knit community and is the safest neighbourhood possible in Metros.

And a close-knit gated community like NSL East County is the safest neighbourhood possible in city like Hyderabad to raise your family.

Infrastructure, Facilities & Amenities: 

Local Infrastructure can vary from property to property and play a huge role in the current and future value of the property. Checkout if the property is well equipped with the right infrastructure like before giving your nod. If you are targeting an apartment in a gated community, then make sure all these facilities rightly fit-in with your requirements and are future-ready (electric charging points for example). Don’t forget to pay close attention to see if there are associated with any overhead costs.With world-class amenities and future- ready facilities, NSL East County offers a best possible living experience at an affordable cost.

Buying your first apartment is no easy task but with clear understudying of your needs and requirements, you can easily make the right investment. Considering the above 4 factors, apartments in gated communities qualify as one of the best investments for your home.

In case you are looking for 2 & 3 BHK apartments in a gated community, we got your covered: Rooted in lush green nature, NSL East County is most well-balanced new residential projects in Hyderabad with world-class facilities & amenities. Located only 600 meters from the nearest Metro station, it is perfectly connected to the ever-growing city of Hyderabad making it the best possible choice for 2 BHK flats for sale in Hyderabad.