3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home in Hyderabad, Post COVID-19

3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home in Hyderabad, Post COVID-19

Looking to buy a new home in Hyderabad? 

Congratulations on finally making the decision, and welcome to the club!

If you are a first-time buyer who is just getting started in the quest of buying a right home in Hyderabad, then you have got some basics to cover here in our previous posts What Are the Key Amenities to Consider While Buying a Flat in Hyderabad? and Advantages of Living in Gated Community Apartments in Hyderabad

But if you have already been through the above blogs and you think you need more information to make your decision in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic, then this article is for you!

Impact of COVID-19 on the choice of home design: Is anything gonna change?

Simply put: YES. 

It will and it must. Every pandemic in history has had its impact on the home space design, its features, and amenities owing to the public health awareness and changes in the way of living that followed. And COVID-19 is no different.

Take remote working, for example, the lockdown has forced employees to adhere to remote work options and this has prompted everyone to rethink their priorities when it came to choosing their future home specifications. From remote working to enforced public safety and contingency measures, we have been through sweeping changes in the way we work, live, and go about our daily lives. And now it is very important that your factor-in these essential changes if you are looking to buy a residential property in Hyderabad. 

“So how do you go about it”, you ask?

Don’t worry. We have formulated a set of three simple questions that can guide you in your home-buying process.

So here are the 3 questions you must ask yourself before buying a home in Hyderabad post-COVID-19:  

Question -1: Do my current future-home specifications align with the new developments?

The most significant development that has occurred in the last few months is the way we are going to go about our office work. With the majority of people exercising the remote work options, the need for additional space in the home that can double up as home-office has amplified. 

Even after the pandemic subsides, the majority of the businesses plan on adhering to remote work-force model due to the variety of benefits it offers. There is a very high chance that your future office is gonna be your home-office and you must be prepared for the change. 

If you are already zeroed-in on location and choice of amenities and facilities, you can make it easier by choosing the right gated community project that has both 2 BHK and 3 BHKs available. For example, NSL East County, Hyderabad’s No.1 gated community project offer has got a wide range of 2BHK and 3 BHK options available at the moment. You can check them out here.

Question -2: Is the property spacious enough for sunlight and clean air, with lush green surroundings?

Lush greenery, clean air, warm sunlight and open spaces are a luxury when it comes to living in a 2BHK/3BHK in Hyderabad. Acting as natural refreshers, they are crucial for healthy and safe living. And the enforced COVID-19 lockdown and extended indoor stay for the last few months have re-iterated the importance of the clean air, open space, and warm sunlight too.

But that is the only tip of the iceberg. With global warming and air pollution growing at an alarming rate, there is a high possibility that we are gonna face quite a few environmental challenges in the near future (remember the air quality of Delhi?).

And the green cover surrounding over home could be our best chance to guard ourselves against the air pollution and global warming in the coming days. With a similar vision in mind, NSL Infratech has come up with NSL East County, the most eco-friendly residential project in Hyderabad. With 70% open spaces that give out the cleanest air from the lush green surroundings, a 2BHK/3BHK in NSL East County is a great investment for a healthy future.

Question-3: Are the amenities & features eco-friendly, and do they make your home future-ready?

Your home with the green and spacious environment inside out is only half work done and rest falls upon the amenities and facilities and their eco-friendliness. 

As we are slowly heading towards the depletion of natural resources, it must be our top priority to check if the gated residential project is well-equipped with eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for the future. If you are checking out your options then look out for solar power facilities, sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting, treatment plans, disposal systems, waste management, and other eco-friendly features.

The investment you make on these eco-friendly amenities and features is a direct investment you make on your future. 

And our home is an investment for a healthy and safe future isn’t it?

That said, it could be tough for a prospective home buyer to find the perfect apartment that ticks all the boxes perfectly. Finding a luxury 2BHK/BHK in Hyderabad that offers all the right amenities and facilities with lush green surroundings, open spaces, eco-friendly facilities in the right location at an affordable price could be tedious in Hyderabad.

And that is exactly the reason NSL Infratech has come up with NSL East County, a premium residential gated community project that not only meets but exceeds all the above requirements with ease.

Want to know more? Then come this way: https://www.nslinfratech.com/nsl-east-county-hyderabad.php

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